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The New Emperors

What does it take to become China's leader? Kerry Brown journeys deep into the heart of the Communist Party revealing the intrigue, scandal and murder surrounding the internal battle raging between two Chinas.

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Black Artists in British Art

Representing a timely and important contribution to British art history, Eddie Chambers tells the story of Britain’s black artists, from the 1950s onwards.

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Putin and the Oligarch

Mikhail Khodorkovsky's arrest was a turning point in modern Russian history. Here Richard Sakwa examines how and why one of the world's most powerful men became Putin's prisoner.

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In the Name of the People

On 27 May 1977 a demo against the ruling party of Angola led to the death of 1000s of people. Little known today, Lara Pawson tracks down the story of what really happened on that fateful day.

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A Travel Guide to Homer

On the trail of Odysseus through Turkey and the Mediterranean, John Freely has created a captivating traveller's guide to Homer's lost world and epics.

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The Jacobean Grand Tour

Edward Chaney and Timothy Wilks provide a fascinating narrative of the travels of Jacobean noblemen in search of continental adventure.

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Philippa Brewster Wins Prestigious Publishing Award

Visual Culture editor Philippa Brewster wins prestigious publishing award. More...

Critics' Choice

Sheila Fitzpatrick

Sheila Fitzpatrick's unique take on every day life in Cold War Moscow. More...

Pain in the Arts

Pain in the Arts

Pulling no punches, John Tusa offers advice on how the arts can survive in the downturn. More...

Short Histories

Short Histories

Introductions with an edge, from the world's leading experts. More...



All I.B.Tauris subject catalogues for 2014 are available to read online and to download. More...

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