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Syria: The Desert and the Sown
Ibn Tulun: His Lost City and Great Mosque
Twilight in Italy
On the Nile on the Golden Age of Travel
The Silk Road - Central Asia: A Travel Companion
The Silk Road - China and the Karakorum Highway: A Travel Companion
Syracuse, City of Legends: A Glory of Sicily
Hidden Treasures of Ethiopia: A Guide to the Remote Churches of an Ancient Land
Palermo, City of Kings: The Heart of Sicily
Flora of the Silk Road: The Complete Illustrated Guide
Tangier: City of the dream
The White Nile Diaries
Land of Eagles: Riding Through Europe's Forgotten Country
Kipling and the Sea
Where Hornbills Fly: A Journey with the Headhunters of Borneo
The Last Storytellers: Tales from the Heart of Morocco
Journey into Barbary: Travels Across Morocco
Tangier: A Literary Guide for Travellers
Perseus in the Wind: A Life of Travel
Seven League Boots: Adventures Across the World from Arabia to Abyssinia