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Geography publishing at I.B.Tauris reflects a commitment to ideas as well as information. Accordingly, our programme at I.B.Tauris caters not only for a wide range of academic and professional needs – from researcher to student – it sets out to challenge and advance the traditional boundaries of the discipline. We are particularly interested in cultural and historical geography; urban geography and the city; environmental change; political geography and geopolitics; water; resources and resource security; landscape; new theoretical approaches; and books that address current global issues from a geographical perspective. Geography is important and current and there has never been a better time for the discipline to proclaim itself. We look forward to hearing your ideas.

David Stonestreet | Senior Editor, Geography

David Stonestreet

David Stonestreet

Sophie Rudland

Sophie Rudland

Social Sciences

We are actively expanding our programme in anthropology, sociology and multidisciplinary research in the social sciences. The focus of our list is on work that illuminates the politics of culture and identity in the contemporary world. We welcome books that offer new perspectives on, and that lie at the intersections of: gender and sexuality; migration and displacement; ethnicity and identity; violence, the state and citizenship; public health; visual anthropology; ethics and human rights; and urban, national and transnational/global life. These areas of the social sciences embrace cutting-edge approaches and daring new areas of debate. Our intention is both excitingly to represent, as well as help shape, the field in all the publishing that we do.

Sophie Rudland | Editor, Humanities and Social Sciences

New Releases: Geography & Social Sciences

Engaged Urbanism: Cities and Methodologies

Engaged Urbanism
Ben Campkin, Ger Duijzings

Waiting at the Prison Gate: Women, Identity and the Russian Penal System

Waiting at the Prison Gate
Judith Pallott, Elena Katz

Moroccan Dreams: Recreating Oriental Myth and Colonial Legacy

Moroccan Dreams
Claudio Minca, Lauren Wagner

Sustainable Cities

A valuable critique of the assessment methods used in ascertaining sustainability, from individual buildings up to cities and regions.

Japan: An Environmental History

A comprehensive and detailed account of the country's environmental history.

Retrofitting the City

Retrofitting the City

How do people and places respond to economic change and building transformation?