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The Balkans

Letters from Albania: The Unpublished Correspondence of Edith Durham 1908-1944
Wealth in the Ottoman and Post-Ottoman Balkans: A Socio-Economic History
Enver Hoxha: The Iron Fist of Albania
War in the Balkans: Conflict and Diplomacy Before World War I
Slovenia 1945: Memories of Death and Survival After World War II
The Discovery of Albania: Travel Writing and Anthropology in the Nineteenth Century Balkans
The Tribes of Albania: History, Society and Culture
The Balkan Wars
  • The Balkan Wars

  • Edited by: Bejtullah D. Destani, Robert Elsie
  • Hardback£58.00 | $99.00
The Albanians: A Modern History
Albania: Portrait of a Country in Transition
Macedonia: The Political, Social, Economic and Cultural Foundations of a Balkan State
Albania: The Rock Garden of Southeastern Europe
Kosovo: The Path to Contested Statehood in the Balkans
Remittances, Gender and Development: Albania's Society and Economy in Transition
The Albanian Question: Reshaping the Balkans
Kosovo: The Path to Contested Statehood in the Balkans
Montenegro: A Modern History
Albanian Letters: Nationalism, Independence and the Albanian League
Croatia in the Late Middle Ages and the Renaissance