How to Publish Your Book with I.B.Tauris 

We welcome proposals for new books, be they academic monographs based on the latest research; student texts; or less specialised general interest books (non-fiction). If you have a project that you would like us to consider, please send us a proposal by email or post.

This is your opportunity to sell the idea for your project and convince us, and any external readers, of the need for your book. Further down the line, we need to be able to sell your book to librarians, distributors and booksellers, as well as to general customers. The information you give in your proposal can help us do this. Please make sure to include the following points in your proposal:

1. Project Details:

  • Title - please give the working title and subtitle for your project
  • Brief description of the project: please include the main themes, objectives and key selling points of your book. What is the argument?
  • Why does a book need to be published on your proposed topic? If an academic book/monograph, what is the academic need for your project? Is there enough interest in the topic to make it  a success?
  • How will it differ from others in the area? What is distinctive about your project?
  • What competition will it face? Please explain how your project will relate to existing works, listing details of competing titles (including author, title and publisher).
  • How will it fit in with other I.B.Tauris publishing? Please state how your proposal fits with our list, listing the most similar titles if possible
  • What is the market for this book? Please outline the main audience for the work. Include any interest groups/societies, academic departments or countries that you think will find your book particularly relevant. If you view this book as a student text, for what courses (and at what level) would it be appropriate?
  • Are there any secondary markets?
  • What is the estimated length of the work (including notes, bibliography and appendices)?
  • If your book is to carry illustrations, please specify how many a) in colour b) in black/white.
  • If the book is an edited collection, please provide names and affiliations for every contributor
  • What is the intended date of completion?


2. Proposed content
Please provide a brief synopsis of each chapter or essay in your book.

3. Table of Contents

4. Two sample chapters (if available)

5. The names of two suggested academic reviewers

6. Your CV/resumé, including:

  • Personal details
  • Brief description of academic interests and professional affiliations
  • Recent publications

Please note that we do not publish fiction, poetry or children's books. We do not accept complete manuscripts unless we specifically request them. Unsolicited manuscripts will not be returned. For academic monographs we may commission external reports from referees at this stage or we may ask you to prepare a more substantial draft before we consult our advisors.

Please email your proposal to only one I.B.Tauris editor (see subject specialisations below). That editor will redirect if they feel it would be more suitable for another editor’s list.

Commissioning Editors

Publisher & Editorial Director
Iradj Bagherzade

Executive Editor
Alex Wright

Editors by Subject

Classics & Ancient History
Alex Wright
Richard Stoneman
Baillie Card

Geography & Social Sciences
David Stonestreet
Sophie Rudland

Jo Godfrey
Lester Crook
Tomasz Hoskins | Academic Monographs
Tom Stottor | Academic Monographs

Middle East
Iradj Bagherzade
Azmina Siddique

Alex Wright

Politics & International Relations
Lester Crook | International Relations
Jo Godfrey | Politics
Tomasz Hoskins | Academic Monographs
Azmina Siddique | International Relations

Alex Wright
Baillie Card

Visual Culture
Philippa Brewster | Senior Editor, Visual Culture
Baillie Card | Associate Commissioning Editor, Art, Architecture and Critical Theory 
Madeleine Hamey-Thomas | Editor, Film and Television Studies

Tauris Parke Paperbacks
Tatiana Wilde

Academic Publishing:
Maintaining Core Standards through Review

All books intended for consumption by an academic readership pass through a two-stage external reviewing process:

Stage I involves seeking an opinion on the proposed publication from a member of the appropriate Academic Advisory board. A separate board of senior international academics has been selected for each I.B.Tauris discipline.

Stage II involves the commissioning of independent reviews by peer academics (on an anonymous basis where possible).

Only when evaluation demonstrates sufficient quality and integrity – and suitability for the target readership – will publication proceed. This review policy ensures that academic works published under the I.B.Tauris imprint match the standards of those from other leading international publishers in the University Press and independent academic publishing sector.

Marketing & Publicity

For information about the marketing and publicity that we will provide, and for information about how you can help us to promote your book, please see our Marketing & Publicity Guide.

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