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Travel Writing

Perseus in the Wind: A Life of Travel
The Divine Supermarket: Travels in Search of the Soul of America
Bayonets to Lhasa: The British Invasion of Tibet
Falling for Icarus: A Journey Among the Cretans
The Flying Carpet: Adventures in a Biplane from Timbuktu to Everest and Beyond
The Lycian Shore: A Turkish Odyssey
Italian Journeys: From Venice to Naples and Beyond
Etruscan Places: Travels Through Forgotten Italy
The Southern Gates of Arabia: A Journey in the Hadhramaut
Baghdad Sketches: Journeys Through Iraq
The Land of an African Sultan: Travels in Morocco
The Minaret of Djam: An Excursion in Afghanistan
The Station: Travels to the Holy Mountain of Greece
Travels Through France and Italy
Siren Land: A Celebration of Life in Southern Italy
A Winter in Arabia: A Journey Through Yemen
Ionia: A Quest
The Wandering Lake: Into the Heart of Asia
Heart Beguiling Araby: The English Romance with Arabia
Old Calabria
Strolling Through Istanbul: The Classic Guide to the City
To Peking: A Forgotten Journey from Moscow to Manchuria
The Silk Road: Ten Thousand Miles Through Central Asia