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Cine-File French Film Guides

From the pioneering days of the Lumière brothers' Cinématographe in 1895, France has been home to perhaps the most consistently vibrant film culture in the world, producing world-class directors and stars, and a stream of remarkable movies, from popular genre films to cult avant-garde works. Many of these have found a devoted audience outside France, and the arrival of DVD is now enabling a whole new generation to have access to contemporary titles as well as the great classics of the past.

The Ciné-files French Film Guides build on this welcome new access, offering authoritative and entertaining guides to some of the most significant titles, from the silent era to the early 21st century. Written by experts in French cinema, the books combine extensive research with the author's distinctive, sometimes provocative perspective on each film. The series will thus build up an essential collection on great French classics, enabling students, teachers and lovers of French cinema both to learn more about their favourite films and make new discoveries in one of the world's richest bodies of cinematic work.

Series editor: Ginette Vincendeau, King's College, London

'Ginette Vincendeau has assembled an elite corps of film scholars to address a marvellous array of modern and classic French films with the close-up scrutiny they deserve.'
Dudley Andrew

A Bout De Souffle: French Film Guide
  • Alphaville

  • Chris Darke
  • Paperback£12.99 | $20.55
  • Hardback£56.00 | $43.51
La Haine: French Film Guide
LA Reine Margot
  • LA Reine Margot

  • Julianne Pidduck
  • Paperback£12.99 | $20.55
  • Hardback£56.00 | $43.51
Le Corbeau: French Film Guide
Le Jour Se Leve: French Film Guide
Les Diaboliques
  • Les Diaboliques

  • Susan Hayward
  • Paperback£12.99 | $20.55
  • Hardback£56.00 | $43.51
Nikita: French Film Guide
Rififi: French Film Guide

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