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The The Survey of Memphis VII: The Hekekyan Papers and Other Sources for the Survey of Memphis

The The Survey of Memphis VII: The Hekekyan Papers and Other Sources for the Survey of Memphis
David Jeffreys

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The site of Memphis preserves the archaeological remains of the first capital of a unified pharaonic Egypt, including the site of the temple of Ptah which gives its name to the city and the country (Hikuptah Aigyptos Egypt). The Egypt Explorations Societys survey of Memphis began in 1981 and has run up to the present. An exceptionally rich textual and pictorial archive is one important source of information available to us, and is presented here, highlighting the work of Joseph Hekekyan, a talented and pioneering archaeologist who worked at Memphis and many other sites in the 1850s but who is surprisingly almost unknown today.

Author Info

David Jeffreys is Honorary Senior Lecturer in Egyptian Archaeology at University College London. He gained a BA in Hebrew and Egyptian at UCL in 1075 and has worked extensively at sites in the UK and the Middle East. For the EES he was successively supervisor and field director of the Survey of Memphis.

Bibliographic Info

Imprint: Egypt Exploration Society
Publisher: Egypt Exploration Society
Series: Excavation Memoirs

ISBN: 9780856981920
Publication Date: 29 Jun 2010
Height: 297
Width: 208
Illustrations: Figures; Maps; Illustrations, black and white

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