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Southeast Asia in the Twentieth Century: A Reader

Southeast Asia in the Twentieth Century: A Reader

Edited by: Clive J. Christie

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This reader provides a comprehensive study of 20th-century Southeast Asia from the beginning of the century to the present. It concentrates particularly on the formation and development of 20th-century nationalist movements in the region, examining their early organization during the zenith of European imperial control and their evolution during the formative period of anti-colonial activity. It traces the intense period of revolutionary upheaval after the Second World War, the anti-colonial wars and the prolonged period of bargaining over the creation of independent states. The region became a frontline in the global Cold War. At the time of the steadily escalating Vietnam war, many of the internal and regional conflicts in Southeast Asia were resolved, and political structures and economic agendas were established that have remained largely intact to the present day.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction: the shape of pre-colonial mainland southeast Asia, the shape of pre-colonial maritime southeast Asia, the first stages of European colonial take-over;
  • general considerations of the scope and objectives of this book;
  • education, reform and national awareness, 1900-41 - the patterns of European rule, education, westernization, cultural challenge and change;
  • pre-nationalism and nationalism, readings. revolution and constitutional change, 1900-41 - the question of colonial strategies, the indigenous response to imperial rule - the framework of resistance, antinationalism, anti-colonialism and the battle of ideologies, readings;
  • the impact of the Japanese intervention in southeast asia, 1940-45 - the situation in southeast Asia in 1939-82, the Japanese intervention in southeast Asia, the Japanese conquest of southeast asia, the impact of the Japanese military take-over of southeast Asia, the course of the war, and its impact on political developments, readings;
  • the aftermath of war -revolution - the defeat of Japan and surrender arrangements, the build-up of revolutionary forces in southeast Asia, the era of revolution - 1945 , readings;
  • the independence settlements - I the immediate post war settlements - general features of the post-war period, the independence settlement in the Philippines, the independence settlement in Burma, readings;
  • the independence settlements - II inter-ethnic negotiations, conflict and the Cold War - the independence settlement in the Malayan region, the independence settlements in Indonesia, the independence settlements in Indochina, the Cold War and the Geneva settlements of 1954, readings;
  • the decade of instability, 1954-65 - the Cold War confrontation in mainland southeast Asia, the Laos crisis and regional subversion;
  • the Vietnam crisis, 1954-65, instability in the Indonesia region, 1950-65, readings;the era of stabilization in southeast asia, 1965-74 - the paradox - the United States' failure in Vietnam, the genesis of the Cambodian tragedy, the rest of southeast Asia - the ending of the independence regimes - Cambodia, Burma and the Philippines, the special case of Thailand, Malaysia - the new political settlement after 1969, Indonesia in 1965 - guided democracy, the PKI, the armed forces and the "new order", readings;
  • 1975 - the crossroads and beyond p regime resilience and regional security, the communist victory in Indochina and its impact;
  • the communist implosion;
  • emerging intact, readings. Postscript: regional stability in southeast Asia.

Bibliographic Info

Imprint: I.B.Tauris
Publisher: I.B.Tauris & Co. Ltd.
Series: Tauris readers

ISBN: 9781860640759
Publication Date: 31 Dec 1998
Number of Pages: 240
Height: 236
Width: 156
Illustrations: maps

ISBN: 9781860640636
Publication Date: 14 Jun 1998
Number of Pages: 240
Height: 236
Width: 156
Illustrations: maps

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