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Reset Middle East: Old Friends and New Alliances: Saudi Arabia, Israel, Turkey, Iran

Reset Middle East: Old Friends and New Alliances: Saudi Arabia, Israel, Turkey, Iran
Stephen Kinzer

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Peace and democracy in the Middle East have been the aim of world leaders for generations, yet the US, UK or their closest allies in the region have been behind nearly every war in the Middle East in the last century. How did the West get everything so wrong? In this concise and readable book Stephen Kinzer takes the reader on a tour of modern Middle Eastern history, highlighting the errors, alliances and betrayals all acted out for what was shortsightedly seen as being in the interest of Western states. His insight and historical knowledge culminate in the startling conclusion that the US has allied with the wrong Middle Eastern states. Rather than Israel and Saudi Arabia, America's natural allies- according to Kinzer's controversial but closely reasoned analysis- should be Iran and Turkey.

Table of Contents


Part One: For the People in Spite of the People
1. The Real Life and Soul of the Show
2. Away with Dreams and Shadows!
3. We Have No Choice But to Catch Up

Part Two: Our Name Has Not Been an Honoured One
4. This Dizzy Old Wizard
5. Sowers of Corruption on Earth

Part Three: Very Far Away
6. You Win, You Bald Headed Son of A Bitch
7. So Deeply Entwined

Part Four: The Door is So Wide Open
8. Where They Come Together


Author Info

Stephen Kinzer is the bestselling author of 'Overthrow', 'All the Shah's Men', 'Crescent and Star', among others. An award-winning foreign correspondent, he served as The New York Times bureau chief in Turkey. He teaches international relations at Boston University, contributes to The New York Review of Books and writes a world affairs column for The Guardian.


'At once a stern critique of American foreign policy and a concise, colorful, and compelling modern history of Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Israel. A former journalist for The New York Times and The Boston Globe, Kinzer is a masterful storyteller. His cast of characters leaps off the page... Kinzer makes a compelling case... that the road to peace in the Middle East runs through Ankara and Tehran, not Jerusalem.'; '

Kinzer re-imagines the world and America's role in it.'
Robert Lacey, author of Inside the Kingdom; '

Stephen Kinzer is a journalist of a certain cheeky fearlessness and exquisite timing. In his new book he's ahead of the game again. ... This book is a bold exercise in reimagining the United States' big links in the Middle East.'
The Huffington Post; '

Fresh and well-informed... Kinzer argues persuasively that despite their very different governments
one friendly and free, the other hostile and theocratic
both Turkey and Iran are host to vibrant democratic traditions that make them natural long-term partners of the United States... [A] lively, character-driven approach to history.'
The Washington Post



Stephen Kinzer discusses the argument put forward in Reset Middle East with David Frost on Al Jazeera's Frost Over the World. The clip begins at 18m 19s.

Facing Disaster in the Middle East: Do We Only Have Bad Options? 

Other writing:
Guardian articles
The New York Times articles
The New York Review of Books articles

Bibliographic Info

Imprint: I.B.Tauris
Publisher: I.B.Tauris & Co. Ltd.

ISBN: 9781848857650
Publication Date: 30 Sep 2010
Number of Pages: 288
Height: 216
Width: 134
Illustrations: 8pp bw plates, 1 map

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