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The Muslim Brotherhood and Egypt's Succession Crisis: The Politics of Liberalisation and Reform in the Middle East

The Muslim Brotherhood and Egypt's Succession Crisis: The Politics of Liberalisation and Reform in the Middle East
Mohammed Zahid

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The relentless rise of the Muslim Brotherhood has secured them a leading role in the unsettled and uncertain landscapes of Egypt, a country shaken by revolution and revolt. A decisive victory in the first post-Mubarak elections cemented their standing, but how have they reached this position of dominance? Mohammed Zahid's analysis of the Brothers' conflict-filled history and steadily expanding presence throughout Egyptian society lays the groundwork for their place in today's Egypt, and sheds light on the complex currents of Islamist politics and authoritarian rule that have coloured Egypt and the Arab world. Delving into the tangle of Egyptian politics from Nasser to Mubarak, the increasing pressures for reform amid mounting socio-economic crisis and the fractured processes of liberalisation, Zahid unpicks the troubled relationship between the Muslim Brotherhood and the state.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Framing Economic and Political Reform in the Middle East

Chapter 2: Shifting Sands: The Middle East between Authoritarianism and Democratisation

Chapter 3: Crisis and Change: Economic and Political Reform in Egypt

Chapter 4: The Beginnings of the Brotherhood: Growth and Expansion until the 1970s

Chapter 5: From Piety to Politics: Changing Discourse, Alliances and Activism

Chapter 6: The Art of Politics: The New Generation and the Syndicates

Chapter 7: The Politics of Succession: The Rise of Gamal Mubarak

Chapter 8: Continuity and Discontinuity: Electoral Promises, Liberalisation and Opposition Politics

Author Info

Mohammed Zahid holds a PhD in Middle Eastern Political Economy and Politics from the University of Leeds. He is an independent researcher who has published widely in international journals and consulted for a number of agencies and think tanks.


‘An interesting and challenging account of politics and society in Egypt.’
–  Ray Bush, Professor of African Studies and Development Politics, University of Leeds

‘This book widens our understanding of the dynamics of authoritarianism and democratization in the Middle East and the challenges and dilemmas which any future Egyptian reform process will face.’
–  Elfatih A. Abdelsalam, Professor of Political Science, International Islamic University, Malaysia

‘Contributes to the debate on the role of the Muslim Brotherhood in Modern Egypt...and draws attention to the new Muslim Brotherhood discourse not only in Egypt but in the entire region.’
– Mahjoob Zweiri, Assistant Professor in Contemporary History and Politics of the Middle East, Qatar University

‘[This book helps] significantly to expand our knowledge concerning the many dimensions of one of the most intriguing phenomena of the social and political landscape of the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern region.’
–  Silvia Colombo, Research Fellow of the Mediterranean and Middle East, Istituto Affari Internazionali, Rome

Bibliographic Info

Imprint: I.B.Tauris
Publisher: I.B.Tauris & Co. Ltd.
Series: Library of Modern Middle East Studies

ISBN: 9781780762173
Publication Date: 28 Feb 2012
Number of Pages: 224

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