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Open Access Policy

I.B.Tauris is pleased to announce the launch of its new publishing initiative: I.B.Tauris Open.

Seeking to make research as widely available as possible, and in line with the latest developments in HSS publishing, I.B.Tauris Open allows authors to publish Open Access (OA) research monographs. As part of the ‘gold’ OA model, monographs will be available to access online immediately upon publication and will be published under the CC BY-NC licence (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0/). The OA publication will be clearly advertised as such on our website and in all of our catalogues, as well as being advertised at conferences worldwide.

I.B.Tauris Open requires payment of a Book Processing Charge (BPC), and the amount will depend on the length of the work (ranging from £6000–£9000 for 80,000 words–120,000 words, although we consider all books individually). The BPC covers all editorial, production and marketing work on the text, including full peer review, copy-editing, typesetting, proofreading and indexing. If you would prefer to take care of one (or more) of these yourself, or for more precise ‘menu’ of figures and options, please speak to the appropriate editor (see 'Who's Who').

I.B.Tauris Open is committed to providing the highest possible added editorial, production and marketing value. All monographs will be subjected to blind peer review by at least two academics, a rigorous level of editing and a global marketing campaign, as well as receiving the full author support package from our dedicated team of subject specialists. Monographs will appear in, and be marketed alongside, our prestigious and established discipline-specific book series, which are carefully curated by the leading academic experts.

The I.B.Tauris Open model has been designed to build on I.B.Tauris’s unique position as a bridge between academic and general markets. The Open Access ePDF will be available on the I.B.Tauris website and will be promoted worldwide alongside all (paid-for) relevant titles. In addition, all I.B.Tauris Open books will be released immediately as a low-price ‘trade’ paperback, featuring a full-colour bespoke cover and made available across our usual marketing channels (to both specialists and non-specialists, where appropriate). This active and varied strategy will ensure that the research data and fresh interpretations intrinsic to all monographs reach as wide and diverse an international readership as possible, thereby maximising the scholarship’s impact and reach (as well as providing an I.B.Tauris Open author with an attractive physical book!).

I.B.Tauris Open is a flexible service, so please get in touch with your editor (see 'Who's Who') if you have any questions or to discuss all available publishing options.

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