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General Interest

Our strengths in the I.B.Tauris specialist areas have given us opportunities to publish important non-fiction books for general readers interested in the contemporary world, current affairs, international politics, history and religion. A feature of I.B.Tauris' general publishing is therefore to bring to a wider readership the leading topics and discussions of the day. See also Tauris Parke Paperbacks for general interest books on travel, history and biography.

New Releases: General Interest

Kipling and War: From 'Tommy' to 'My Boy Jack'

Kipling and War
Andrew Lycett

The Tangier Diaries

The Tangier Diaries
John Hopkins

New Releases

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Arabic Fiction

Arabic Fiction

Carefully selecting and translating the best writing being produced in the language today.

Critics' Choice

Lara Pawson

Lara Pawson fearlessly unfolds the events of a forgotten atrocity in Angola.

Catalogue: General Interest

Spring & Summer – 2018 (download)