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Peshmerga: On the Frontline in the Middle East
The Foreign Office Handbooks: The Middle East
A Short History of the American Civil War
Chinese Philosophy: The Essential Writings: Vol. 42
Fascist Modernism: The Arts Under Dictatorship
The Emperor Jahangir: Power and Kingship in Mughal India
The Russian State and the People: Power, Corruption and the Individual in Putin's Russia
Chinese Philosophy: The Essential Writings: Vol. 42
Kemalism: Transnational Politics in the Post Ottoman World
Ships of the Silk Road: The Bactrian Camel in Chinese Jade
Mugabe: A Life of Power and Violence
Teffi: A Life of Letters and of Laughter
On Afghanistan's Plains: The Story of Britain's Afghan Wars
The Women in the Room: Labour's Forgotten History
Shockers!: The '70s Cinema of Trash, Terror and Sexploitation

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