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IBT moves to Bloomsbury

01/05/2018 00:00:00

I.B.Tauris today announced it was joining the Bloomsbury Publishing Group, which has acquired the entirety of the company’s shares.

Iradj Bagherzade, founder and chairman of I.B.Tauris, said that the match between the two publishers is "remarkably good." “There’s a genuine complementarity between our two programmes: both Bloomsbury and I.B.Tauris share a common approach to publishing, which is not only academically rigorous and quality-centred but also tightly focused on discrete academic disciplines," said Bagherzade. "And in many subject areas there will be a real dove-tailing effect where our lists will fit perfectly with existing ones: I’m thinking of History, Visual Culture and Film Studies. In other areas of I.B.Tauris strength like Middle East or Islamic Studies and Politics/International Relations our programmes will add to the Bloomsbury offering.”

I.B.Tauris, founded in 1983, publishes 200 new books internationally every year and has approximately 3,000 books available in either hardcover, paperback or digital editions. The I.B.Tauris publishing catalogue aligns with Bloomsbury’s academic publishing in the humanities, and broadens its publishing in the social sciences, particularly in Middle East Studies and International Relations where I.B.Tauris has been a market leader.

Bloomsbury described the I.B.Tauris publishing programme as “original, cutting-edge content.” Jonathan Glasspool, managing director of Bloomsbury's Academic & Professional Division, said “I.B.Tauris has a world-renowned list in Middle Eastern, Politics and International Relations, which complements Bloomsbury’s humanities programme. I.B.Tauris’s authors in the arts and humanities – including those from its internationally recognized Fine Art imprint Philip Wilson Publishers – will benefit from the wider reach and scale of Bloomsbury’s international operation, as well as Bloomsbury’s investments in academic digital resources through its 2020 initiative," said Glasspool.

Bagherzade, who will remain, as Publishing Director in the new Bloomsbury/I.B.Tauris relationship, where the I.B.Tauris and PWP imprints will be retained, emphasized that I.B.Tauris authors and staff would benefit markedly from Bloomsbury’s digital, marketing and sales heft. “This is where the old maxim was never truer,” he said. “The whole will be greater than the sum of its parts.”

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