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Film Thinks

Film Thinks is an original new book series that asks: how has film influenced the way we think? The books in the series will be concise, engaging editions written by experts in film history and theory, each focusing on a past or present philosopher/thinker whose intellectual landscape has been shaped by cinema.

Film Thinks will be aimed at furthering understanding and appreciation, through sophisticated but accessible language, of the thought derived from great films. Whilst explaining and interpreting these thinkers’ ideas and the films at their origin, the series will celebrate cinema’s capacity to inspire and entertain – and ultimately to change the world. Books will have a variable format, which may or may not include appendices with interviews and short articles by the thinkers/writers themselves, alongside an author’s essayistic approach.

Books in the series will ask:

- How have specific films shaped the thought and worldview of great writers?
- In what ways and under what circumstances have thinkers and writers engaged with the cinema as an institutional, cultural and/or aesthetic practice?
- Is the thought derived from the cinema specifically distinct, and if so, in what ways?
- How have thinkers defined their own relationship with the cinema in their intellectual work? How has the critical reception of these thinkers perceived and elaborated on such a relationship?

If you have any queries, ideas or submissions, please contact:

Series Editors
Lúcia Nagib (l.nagib@reading.ac.uk)
Tiago de Luca (t.de-luca@warwick.ac.uk)

Cinema Editor at I.B. Tauris, Maddy Hamey-Thomas

Advisory Board

Martine Beugnet – Université Paris Diderot
Thomas Elsaesser – University of Amsterdam
Catherine Grant – University of Sussex
D.N. Rodowick – The University of Chicago
Ágnes Pethő – Sapientia University
David Martin-Jones – University of Glasgow
Philip Rosen – Brown University
Laura U. Marks – Simon Fraser University

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