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History of Water Series

All societies must manage their water resources. From the early civilizations of the Indus valley, nearly 5,000 years ago, to today’s megacities, meeting the water needs of an urban population remains a perpetual task. How a society manages and controls its water resources - whether for food and farming, drinking, sanitation, power or transport – plays a formative role in its development. And never more so than in our own century, with the global population approaching seven billion and the continuing threat of climate change.

As concerns over global water resources continue to grow, the pioneering History of Water series brings a much needed historical perspective to the relationship between water and society. Covering all aspects of water and society - social, cultural, political, religious and technological - the volumes reveal how water issues can only be fully understood when all aspects are properly integrated. Unprecedented in its geographical coverage and unrivalled in its multidisciplinary span, the History of Water series makes a unique and original contribution to a key contemporary issue.

Series Editor

Terje TvedtTerje Tvedt is a historian, Professor of Geography (University of Bergen) and Professor of Political Science (Oslo). A past President of the International Water History Association, he has published extensively on development issues and the role of water in history. He is the author of a number of influential books, including The River Nile in the Age of the British (2004), which was shortlisted for the BRISMES prize, and of the forthcoming Journey in Water(2011). Professor Tvedt has also written and presented two successful television documentaries on water, shown in 150 countries.

A History of Water: Water and Urbanization: Series III, Volume 1
A History of Water: Water, Geopolitics and the New World Order: v. 3: Series 2

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