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Library of Gender and Popular Culture

Library of Gender and Popular Culture

From Mad Men to gaming culture, performance art to steam-punk fashion, the presentation and representation of gender continues to saturate popular media. This new series seeks to explore the intersection of gender and popular culture engaging with a variety of texts – drawn primarily from Art, fashion TV, Cinema, Cultural Studies and Media Studies – as a way of considering various models for understanding the complimentary relationship between ‘gender identities’ and ‘popular culture’. By considering race, ethnicity, class, and sexual identities across a range of cultural forms, each book in the series will adopt a critical stance towards issues surrounding the development of gender identities and popular and mass cultural 'products'.

For further information or enquiries, please contact the library series editors:
Claire Nally: claire.nally@northumbria.ac.uk
Angela Smith: angela.smith@sunderland.ac.uk

Advisory Board:

Dr Kate Ames, Central Queensland University, Australia
Prof Leslie Heywood, Binghampton University, USA
Dr Michael Higgins, Strathclyde University, UK
Prof Åsa Kroon, Örebro University, Sweden
Dr Niall Richardson, Sussex University, UK
Dr Jacki Willson, University of Leeds, UK

Conflicting Masculinities: Men in Television Period Drama
Love Wars: Television Romantic Comedy
Masculinity in Contemporary Science Fiction Cinema
Television Comedy and Femininity: Queering Gender
Tweenhood: Femininity and Celebrity in Tween Popular Culture

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