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Since 2007, I.B.Tauris have colloborated with TRACEY to produce books that bring authors and artists together to explore the potential of what drawing in contemporary art theory and practice might become. Galleries in book form, Hyperdrawing, Drawing Now and Drawing Ambiguity (out January 2015) aim to take drawing beyond the interaction of pencil and paper and trace contemporary adventures in multiple dimensions and alternate realities.

Directed and edited by Alastair Adams, Simon Downs, Deborah Harty, Russell Marshall, Phil Sawdon, Andrew Selby and Jane Tormey, TRACEY (hosted by Loughborough University School of the Arts) publishes and disseminates material concerned with contemporary drawing and visualisation through their open access online peer reviewed journal.

TRACEY aim to stimulate, host and publish diverse perspectives on drawing and visualisation to/for a community of researchers, practitioners, educators and students. Advocating the value of drawing and visualisation in professional and educational contexts, they encourage participation and collaboration.

For more information, visit TRACEY's website.

Drawing Ambiguity: Beside the Lines of Contemporary Art
Drawing Now: Between the Lines of Contemporary Art
Hyperdrawing: Beyond the Lines of Contemporary Art

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