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Visual Culture

The Visual Culture list at I.B.Tauris represents our commitment to publishing fine critical writing and cutting-edge scholarship on the subjects, objects, media and environments of Visual Culture. Our publishing encompasses world cinema and television, contemporary art and photography, cultural and media theory, fashion, design and popular culture. We work with authors passionate about their subjects, who are keen to develop new approaches to these areas and offer fresh perspectives on them. This list aims to generate resources for and to engage with scholars, students, practitioners and dedicated followers of these ever-developing arts.


New Releases: Visual Culture

Acting: A Modern History of Filmmaking


Political Animals: The New Feminist Cinema

Political Animals
Sophie Mayer

New Releases

New Releases

Browse all the new, forthcoming and recent releases in visual culture.

Thinkers Reframed

Contemporary Thinkers Reframed

Dazed by Deleuze? Confused by Kristeva? These guides provide the perfect introduction.

Tauris World Cinema

Tauris World Cinema

Analysing national cinemas in terms of their own contexts and traditions.



Bringing artists together to explore the potential of drawing in contemporary art theory.

New Encounters

New Encounters: Arts, Cultures, Concepts

After theory: do we abandon ‘the theoretical turn’, or do we work with it differently?

Silver Screen

Behind the Silver Screen

A new series charting the collaborative art of filmmaking from inception to reality.

Catalogues: Visual Culture

Visual Culture – 2017 (download)