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Under the Black Flag: An Exclusive Insight into the Inner Workings of ISIS

Under the Black Flag: An Exclusive Insight into the Inner Workings of ISIS
Sami Moubayed

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The Islamic State movement (ISIS/ISIL/IS) burst onto the world stage in 2014. From its heartland in Syria, where it arose from the chaos of the Syrian Revolt, the organisation has expanded in ideology and membership and now poses a significant threat to the region, if not to the wider world. Moubayed, a Beirut-based journalist who has been analysing Syria and the region for 20 years, has unrivalled access to the movement and its participants. His book is the first inside account of an organisation which has dominated the headlines with a dangerous mix of barbarity and military prowess. In looking at the historical background of ISIS: where it came from, how it evolved, where it stands today and what its aims are for the future to reveal, it will provide, for the first time, a fully-fledged picture of what lies at the heart of the Islamic State.

Author Info

Sami Moubayed is a Syrian historian and journalist. From 2012 to 2013, he was a visiting scholar at the Carnegie Middle East Center in Beirut, Lebanon. His articles on Middle East affairs have appeared in a variety of newspapers, including al-Ahram Weekly, al-Hayat, Gulf News, The Daily Star, Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, and Asia Times. He is a blogger with The Huffington Post and an online panelist with The Washington Post.


'Sami Moubayed has written a must-read book. As a Syrian historian, Moubayed astutely explores the rise of the Islamic State first by tracking the historical origins of its ideology. He then smoothly takes the reader to the vivid details of life on the ground to explain how ISIS grew and established its so-called state. It is a perfect way to elucidate this complex phenomenon.’
Hassan Hassan, author of ISIS: Inside the Army of Terror 

‘Sami Moubayed’s new book on ISIS is a great read. It is the best introduction to ISIS so far. He neither loses the reader in a cascade of foreign names nor overwhelms them with detail. What Moubayed does do with consummate skill is provide essential background and history to understand why Syria fell apart and where ISIS came from. Sami is the premier Syrian historian of his generation writing in English. He comes from an illustrious Damascene Sunni family and continues to live much of the year in Damascus, which gives him a unique and valuable perspective on events unfolding in his region.’
Joshua Landis, Director of the Center for Middle East Studies at the University of Oklahoma, author of syria commentand past President of the Syrian Studies Association

Bibliographic Info

Imprint: I.B.Tauris
Publisher: I.B.Tauris & Co. Ltd.

ISBN: 9781784533083
Publication Date: 29 Sep 2015
Number of Pages: 256
Height: 198
Width: 129
Illustrations: 2 maps

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