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Richard Halliburton

Richard Halliburton (1900–1939) was America’s greatest adventurer and one of the most successful adventure travel writers of the twentieth century. Through a life spent chasing horizons and concocting ever more daring schemes – from swimming the length of the Panama Canal to flying around the world in an open cockpit plane or crossing the Alps on an elephant – Halliburton dazzled the Western world. His final adventure, sailing a junk across the Pacific, was also his last. Halliburton disappeared in March 1939 and was never seen again. A great and original traveller, his wild adventures live on in the books that have captivated millions of readers and inspired generations of writers.

'Richard Halliburton was a man who grasped the pulse of the time better than almost anyone else alive.'
Tahir Shah

'From the Jazz Age through the Great Depression to thge eve of World War II, he thrilled an entire generation of readers.'
James O'Reilly

'Halliburton made me lustfully aware that the world was very big and very old; that its seeable wonders and its learnable stories were innumerable; and that I might see these wonders myself and learn the stories attached to them.'
Susan Sontag

Richard Halliburton
The Flying Carpet: Adventures in a Biplane from Timbuktu to Everest and Beyond

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