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Short Histories

Short Histories

I.B.Tauris Short Histories is an authoritatively written and elegantly presented new series which puts a fresh perspective on the way history is taught and understood in the twenty-first century.

Designed to have strong appeal to university students and their teachers, as well as to general readers and history enthusiasts, I.B.Tauris Short Histories aims to bring informed interpretation, as well as factual reportage, to historical debate. Addressing key subjects and topics in the fields of history, the history of ideas, religion, classical studies, politics, philosophy and Middle East studies, the series seeks intentionally to move beyond the bland, neutral ‘introduction’ that so often serves as the primary undergraduate teaching tool.

Covering a variety of subjects in a greater degree of depth than is often found in comparable series, yet at the same time in concise and compact handbook form, our Short Histories are ‘introductions with an edge’.

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A Short History of the Byzantine Empire


'Extremely exciting - beautifully designed intellectually'

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